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Tower Rehab & Wellness offers a wide range of physical therapy services including treating clients from the age of pediatrics through geriatrics having varying diagnoses.

Manual Therapy
Soft-tissue mobilization, joint and spinal mobilization, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF).
Myofascial Release
Hands-on, deep-tissue massage. Restores normal tension, length, and function of soft tissue, such as muscle, ligaments and fascia.
Massage Therapy
Relieves stress, improves blood flow and lymph circulation and speeds healing.
Joint Mobilization
Increase the motion of parts of the body having less than normal movement. Joint mobilizations help loosen up the structure resulting in relief of pain and improved motion.
Theraputic Exercise
Receive one on one supervision while performing your individualized physical therapist created program helping you achieve improved movement and function. Our therapists will also provide you with an individual Home Exercise Program.
Strength & Conditioning
Individual strength and conditioning programs are created to improve muscle strength and overall function. Strong muscles help prevent future injury, protect joints, help to maintain proper posture, and provide a greater ease with daily activities. Monitored exercise programs are created, monitored, and changed as required.
Cardiovascular Therapy
Personalized programs featuring treadmills, exercise bicycles and other equipment are created.
Pre & Post Op Therapy
Physical therapy has been proven to be beneficial to patients both before and after having surgery. Programs are created for patients having had orthopedic and plastic surgery.
Balance and Proprioception
Balance evaluations and balance training are available for patients with vestibular issues, vertigo, or decreased balance due to physical deficits.
Postural Re-education/Ergonomics
Postural and ergonomic evaluations are available. Patient will be instructed on what is proper posture, how to maintain proper posture with lying, sitting, standing, and walking, ergonomics for the office/work station, , as well as, being provided with a Home Exercise Program consisting of stretching and strengthening exercises to enhance posture.
Custom orthotic evaluations are available including casting, construction, fitting, and an educational session.
Injury Prevention
Patient instruction on current injury and how to prevent further injury is provided.
Therapeutic Modalities
Including Electrical stimulation, Ultrasound, Iontophoresis, Mechanical traction for neck and lower back, Heat, Ice, Kinesiotape, McConnel Tape.
Work conditioning & Hardening
We carefully and effectively condition patients for safe return to work.

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6330 San Vicente Blvd; Suite 320
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone: 323-556-5455
Fax : 323-556-5484

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